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Cash is king – 7 strategies to manage your cash flow

06/10/16 - Financial Performance

We've all heard the saying before: Cash Is King! But what does it mean and why is it so important? Cash is essentially the blood that pumps through the veins of a business and keeps it alive. In most businesses, both small and large, problems occur when their cash flows are managed poorly and cause both owners and their employees' significant stress. So in these more uncertain economic times, how does a business manage its cash flow to ensure its continued success?

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My top 4 tips to future proof your business

06/10/16 - Financial Performance, Growth

The literal definition of future proofing is: the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimising the effects of shocks and stresses of future events. Sounds a lot like planning doesn't it? You'll also note the significance of the word "process". This suggests that future proofing is not about one-off gimmicks or quick fixes - it is a course of action, an ongoing function.

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How to develop a meaningful vision statement

06/10/16 - Growth

How often do you walk into a business and see a vision or mission statement on the wall? How often does it stop you in your tracks, tug at your heartstrings or inspire you to do something different? My guess is not too often, but there’s one way to change that.

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