Quality craftsmanship

With ongoing support and business advice from MGI Parkinson, Michael Giancola can continue to focus on what he enjoys most — providing top quality craftsmanship to his clients.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Michael Giancola’s business. Craftsmanship and relationships, that is.

Specialising in high-end custom work, Michael’s business, Artisan Furnishings and Cabinets in Bibra Lake, offers cabinetwork for homes and businesses as well as stone benchtops, splashbacks and stainless steel/steelwork. While the business has expanded since Michael started out on his own in 2002, he continues to oversee every project personally.

Going beyond a business transaction

It’s that same personal aspect that Michael appreciates about working with Ian Bond at MGI Parkinson too: “Ian is always available to help, no matter how busy he is,” Michael says. “He responds to my emails promptly and answers all of my questions, whether it be about payroll, GST or general ledger allocations.”

Michael became an MGI Parkinson client in 2006 and has worked with Ian since 2013. With the growth of Artisan Furnishings and Cabinets, one of Michael’s challenges was finding a way to maintain his hands-on approach, but in a more sustainable way as the business expanded well beyond its initial scope. Through consultation with Ian, Michael initiated a new approach with two of his senior staff members taking on more management responsibility. Ian and Michael determined KPIs and established employee bonuses as a measure of success.

It’s just one example of how MGI Parkinson serves as a sounding board for ideas around business operations. With the new structure in place now, Ian and Michael plan to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed — together.

Forging a lasting relationship to meet personal and professional goals

Ian’s input goes beyond business operations, tax and compliance issues. He also advises on Michael’s personal finances, which are woven together with the success of the business. During regular catch-ups throughout the year, the two are able to gauge progress, address concerns and check in on Michael’s goals both personally and professionally. Because of their long-standing relationship, Ian understands Michael’s personal aspirations and family dynamics. As a result, he can offer truly individualised advice.

Commenting on the breadth of Ian’s expertise, Michael says: “His advice covers a wide variety of sectors, including investments and insurance, and it’s always tailored to the person or business concerned.”

Michael adds: “Nothing is too much trouble for him to deal with. If I don’t understand something, he’s always there with an explanation.”

For Michael, providing personalised, caring service in his cabinetry business is what’s brought his clients back time and time again. And the same goes for his relationship with Ian at MGI Parkinson.

“He is a wonderful mentor who became a friend,” Michael adds. “Our business would not be where it is today without his help.”

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