Sharing values, sharing success:

How Johnson Property Group has built a booming property business with MGI’s support.

When Andrew Johnson talks about his business, Johnson Property Group, he doesn’t just talk about real estate; he talks about the longstanding relationships he’s built with his clients over time.

It’s what has fuelled the business’s growth since its establishment in 1998. And it’s also one of the many values Andrew shares with MGI Parkinson.

Andrew started working with MGI Director Dave Fong from the outset. With a burgeoning business based in Osborne Park, Perth, Andrew sought a financial planner who could provide insights and advice in several different areas.

“Dave’s been an asset to my business from the very beginning,” Andrew says. “He’s taken the time to understand our business and to get to know me personally. Because of that, his advice is always thoughtful and completely personalised — more like he’s an extension of our team than an outside advisor.”



Individualised advice and support:

Johnson Property Group offers its clients investment, development, management and sales services. Given the multifaceted nature of the business, there have been many opportunities for MGI Parkinson to support Andrew’s goals.

Taking a long-term view, Dave has helped Andrew put structures in place to support his financial objectives. He and the MGI team have also examined future tax and commercial risks and consequences in relation to property investment decisions, helping Andrew determine the best path forward. Projecting after-tax returns has been another way that MGI Parkinson has contributed to Johnson Property Group’s growth and sustainability over time.

Andrew has also leveraged MGI’s breadth of tax expertise to create the best solutions for his clients as part of Johnson Property Group’s property advisory services.

Long-term clients, long-term benefits:

Since launching his business 20 years ago, Andrew has continued to focus on getting to know his clients so he can help them achieve their property goals. And with that personal approach, the business has thrived.

It’s the same approach that MGI Parkinson adopts in order to provide clients such as Andrew with tailored advice. And the relationship between Andrew and Dave has flourished for 20 years and counting as well.

“Dave and MGI have been with us from the beginning, and they’ve been a major part of our success over time,” Andrew adds.

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