Global Renewables is forward-thinking. The privately-owned and operated company provides sustainable, high technology solutions for household waste management with the aim of minimising the environmental problems caused by the landfilling of waste.

With this important vision, they needed a strategic partner who was forward-thinking, too.

“We started working with MGI Sydney more than 10 years ago,” says Mike Towse, CFO. “They’ve helped us with everything from audits and tax advice to staff recruitment.”

Because of the ongoing nature of the relationship between Global Renewables and MGI Sydney, Matthew, Melissa and their team have been able to help Global Renewables successfully manage relationships through changes in ownership. MGI also provide valuable assistance as the company prepared for sale, twice, maximising results each time.

Today, MGI Sydney continues to provide individualised, strategic advice across all levels — including the CFO, finance manager and the board — while ensuring full compliance.

With a partnership that is more than 10 years strong, Global Renewables and MGI Sydney’s relationship is a sustainable one.