We’d grown quite substantially over a very short space of time, from $3 million in revenue to over $40 million,” Chris Newton, Director of Earthmoving Equipment Australia, says.

He adds: “That growth put some strain on our business systems and processes and also our business structure. When we started working with MGI, we were looking for an accounting firm that would get involved with our business and understand our business to make sure we were following best practices.”

Earthmoving Equipment Australia sells new machinery and parts as well as providing servicing for clients’ fleets. Since starting to work with MGI Sydney just under a year ago, Chris says they’ve been able to analyse the different facets of their business to make substantial improvements, including changes to their accounting systems.

Since working with Matthew, Melissa and the team at MGI, the company also established a monthly boardroom meeting, which provides valuable benchmarking insights and helps them stay a step above their competitors.

But the main benefit, Chris says, is the relationship with Matthew Moy, MGI Sydney’s director — a relationship that cemented quickly.

“I really value the ability to speak to Matthew in an open and free manner,” Chris says, adding: “We can be very open and frank. Plus, access to Matt is fantastic. When I need to have a chat to him, he’s available to us.”