Sometimes, when you’re so involved in growing your business, it can be difficult to find the time to attend to your personal finances. Yet decisions you make each day can significantly impact on your wealth. As a business owner, you have the added risk of potentially losing personal assets should anything go wrong. Having the support of an expert wealth management consultant can give you peace of mind when making significant business decisions.

At MGI, we help you to manage your personal wealth so you can be free to focus on growing your business. With a wealth management consultant available, we will help you protect your assets and build your wealth portfolio.

Wealth & risk management services

  • Tax planning and structuring strategies
  • Asset protection
  • Retirement and estate planning advice
  • Superannuation advice and planning

How we can help

Protect your assets

We’ll help you structure your assets to minimise tax and your exposure to creditors.

Protect your family wealth

We can help protect your assets from potential family disputes and ensure your loved ones are provided for as you intended.

Prepare for retirement

We’ll help you structure your superannuation to preserve your wealth for longer.

Build your wealth portfolio

We’ll help you build your wealth and free up cash for other investments.