Taxes can be a considerable drain on the cash flow of any business and the advice of experienced tax consultants can prove invaluable.

How you structure your business through to how you approach almost every business transaction can significantly impact the tax you pay.

MGI’s business tax accountants will help you minimise the tax burden on your business.

We’ll make sure you don’t pay more tax than you have to, or expose yourself to ATO interest and penalties. With tax consultants available across Australia we’re ready to help.

Business tax advice

  • Business structure advice
  • Tax audits and ATO reviews
  • Tax planning
  • Employee share schemes and remuneration
  • Reducing capital gains tax
  • Family tax
  • International tax
  • R&D tax offset
  • Export market development grants

How we can help

Legally minimise the tax you pay

We’ll work closely with you to ensure we understand your business and identify opportunities to legally minimise the tax you pay.

Protect your assets

In addition to minimising tax, we’ll seek opportunities to protect your assets from third parties.

Take advantage of government business grants and tax incentives

Government grants and tax incentives are a great opportunity to inject more cash into your business. We’ll help you to pursue all available opportunities.

Identify potential exposures

Tax can be a minefield for the unwary. We’ll identify and address exposures to ensure your activities aren’t putting you at risk of significant penalties.