What is your exit plan for your business? Is it to receive a healthy cheque when you decide to call it a day or to leave a legacy for your family to continue? Exit planning and business succession planning requires careful consideration.

Whether you’re planning to exit your business imminently or in years to come, MGI offers a range of exit planning and business succession planning services will help you develop a plan to achieve the best outcome.

Talk to one of our highly experienced business planning experts and accountants in your local city today to start your exit planning strategy.

Exit planning services

  • Business valuations
  • Business succession planning
  • Managing family expectations
  • Preparing a business for sale
  • Facilitating the sale process
  • Structuring the sale
  • Tax advice

How we can help

Keep your focus on the end goal

The most successful businesses start and finish with their end goal in mind. We make sure you take every opportunity to make decisions that align with your exit strategy.

Maximise the value

Exiting your business provides a once-only opportunity to reap the rewards of your hard work. We work with you to make sure you’ve done everything possible to maximise the value of your business.

Minimise the stress

Handing over the leadership of your business can be stressful. Having an experienced advisor foreseeing and managing potential challenges provides peace of mind.