Business benchmarking is a business performance analysis that shows how well your business is tracking compared to other businesses in your industry.

Too often, business owners rely on revenue or profitability as the ultimate measure of their success—but there are many other factors at play within your business.

MGI’s business benchmarking and analysis service gives you a better understanding of your business performance.

With a team of financial experts across Australasia, we can help you benchmark against competitors in your industry and conduct a financial health check on your business today.

Business benchmarking & analysis services

  • Financial health assessment with scorecard
  • Financial strategies to drive performance improvement
  • Non-financial KPIs to drive financial performance
  • Industry business benchmarking and reports

How we can help

Understand the financial drivers of your business

We’ll help you to understand what is driving the financial success of your business and how to increase it.

Benchmark your performance against competitors

How does your performance compare against competitors in the same industry? We’ll help you find out.

Uncover opportunities to increase the value of your business

We’ll help you identify the best strategies to drive profit and increase the value of your business.

Identify and address key areas of concern

Understand areas of under-performance in your business and how you can eliminate these.